Interterm Week


Corporate live cases. Hot topics. Focused skill courses. Interterm Intensive provides lasting impact in a week.

In one week each fall and spring, Interterm Intensive provides students with opportunities to test-drive their problem-solving skills, enrich their core tracks with electives that dive deep into important niche business topics, learn from some of the business community's brightest, and immerse themselves in international business.

Students will receive an e-mail from Student Services describing how to register for Interterm Intensive classes and study abroad options.


Live cases with Fortune 500 companies where students have a hands-on opportunity to apply, test, and extend their problem-solving skills on actual business problems. Past participants in Interterm Intensive live cases have included Boeing, Coca-Cola, GE, HP, IBM, International Paper, McDonalds, Nestlé, OfficeMax, Starbucks, Walgreens, Western & Southern Financial, and Whirlpool. All first-year MBA students are required to participate in a case competition during the Fall interterm session that is focused on Corporate Social Responsibility. All MSM students are required to participate in a case competition during the Spring interterm session.

These courses are led by highly-experienced practicing professionals and address important current topics. Past courses have examined areas such as competitive intelligence, supply chain management, outsourcing, valuing intellectual property, global risk management, and building credible pro forma financials.

In these courses, students use their time and talent to help organizations address an issue which is critical to its success. Students have a significant impact as their solutions are often implemented by the organization.

Also included are International Immersions where students absorb the business practices and culture of a relevant international market.