Message From the Dean

On behalf of the Notre Dame Graduate Business Program I am very pleased to present the schedule of classes for the upcoming Interterm Intensive session. Interterm courses play a very important role in our program. Specifically, these courses provide exposure to highly relevant, contemporary business issues in one of two ways. One type of class exposes students to a current problem, and asks students provide insight and advice that can help those who "own" the problem within the business to develop the best possible solution. The businesses presenting these problems do so as partners with Notre Dame interested in exposing MBA & MSA students to their companies and the issues they face, and in assisting the Notre Dame MBA & MSA programs in their educational mission. In addition to revealing details about the nature of the toughest problems currently facing businesses, these courses provide practice and practitioner feedback on how to effectively solve them. They also give students a chance to "test" their insights and analyses against the insights and analyses of practitioners who have lived with the issue on a daily basis for a significant period of time. The other type of class exposes students to an area of practice that has very high contemporary relevance, but that may not be addressed in detail elsewhere in the curriculum. These courses are taught by practitioners who are experts on the subject and who have a strong desire to bring this expertise to the Notre Dame MBA & MSA programs. Through these offerings, students benefit by their interaction with practitioners and experts and find themselves developing additional insight and expertise on contemporary topics of high importance to business. This increased familiarity with such topics, problems and their potential solutions adds additional value and uniqueness to the Notre Dame Graduate Business education.

Katherine Spiess
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs
Mendoza College of Business