"The Interterm deep dive courses are an incredible opportunity to engage in a one-of-a-kind, hands-on learning experience. For the Walgreens course, our objective was to analyze two distinct geographical markets and recommend competitive pricing strategies for each. The company representative from Walgreens was available throughout the week to field our questions and provide any additional materials that we needed, but he left it to us to conduct our own research, analyze the issues, and develop a strategy. At the end of the course, we presented our strategies and rationale to the pricing team from Walgreens. As a first-year MBA student, I was thrilled for the chance to work on a real business problem and provide insight to a Fortune 100 company. This Interterm provided a unique opportunity for me to build skills and knowledge in an area where I have had little experience. The knowledge I developed during this course will be extremely applicable in my future career as a marketer."
Jenny Brennan MBA Candidate (Class of 2010)

"During our Interterm Intensive we were presented with a real live business problem. We used our experience, knowledge and creativity to solve the problem that the McDonald's brand is facing today. There is no other better way to apply the theoretical knowledge that you get in a classroom than with a real-time business problem. For four days we were wearing the shoes of the marketing manager of one of the McDonald's brands and we had a great deal of exposure to the management team from the McDonald's corporation. We were taken by surprise at how open they were in providing us with all the resources that would help us find a sound solution to the problem. They had a genuine interest in what we presented and provided a great feedback after our presentation. The Notre Dame MBA Interterm Intensive is the best way to build confidence, not only in the education you are receiving from a great school, but to gain confidence in yourself. You realize that all the theoretical knowledge that you have gained to that point is very practical indeed. We had the tools to tackle the problem and offer a sound solution. I felt proud of what we had accomplished and presented to a senior management team."
Olga Starikova MBA Candidate (Class of 2010)

"The Global Risk Management Interterm Intensive provided my classmates and me an invaluable perspective on corporate risk management that would otherwise not have been available in most academic settings. The experience provided by the instructor and guest speaker allowed students to digest a myriad of risk exposure issues including financial exposure, political, regulatory, environmental, reputational, systemic and operational risk. Through our week long team case analysis we were taught to identify relevant risks for our target company, a financial services institution, and subsequently develop a strategy to measure, monitor, mitigate and manage these risks in a cost effective and timely manner. Since participating in this course I have benefited from this training by being able to apply this perspective to numerous case studies in my current curriculum, including financial analysis and valuation in my finance course to managerial issues in my management courses. As I prepare to re-enter the workforce, I am certain that this course has provided me the opportunity to offer my employer additional skill sets that I would not otherwise have if it were not for the Interterm Intensive Week and the Global Risk Management course."
David Sutherland MBA Candidate (Class of 2010)

"The Interterm session was one of the best learning experiences I have had at Notre Dame. If you want to learn more about team dynamics, leadership, solving real, live business problems, while simultaneously learning something new about yourself, your tolerance for individuals with different work ethics and behaviors from yourself, the Interterm session is the opportunity to do so here at Notre Dame. That's what the GE Ecomagination project did for me. The experience was intense. My team and I acted as consultants for GE and our recommendations were well received and there is no greater feeling. Simply put, the Notre Dame Interterm classes/sessions are one of the great gems that make the Notre Dame MBA experience all the more enriching; a factor that distinguishes ND MBA from other MBA programs."
Ifeoma Ikeagu MBA Candidate (Class of 2011)

"The MBA Interterm Intensive session that Nestle Waters North America (NWNA) participated in was very beneficial. Our company has not had the luxury of dedicated resources to focus on branding our employment which has put us at a competitive disadvantage in the market place. The Interterm Intensive session gave us a week with creative minds who were also the target market that we would recruit from. The students not only gave us significant proposals, but also challenged some of our underlying processes and thinking. We were able to incorporate many of the students' proposals into both our traditional and web recruiting media. We could not have achieved the insights and outcomes that we did in a week with an internal project assignment or contracting a consultant. We found the students to be highly engaged throughout the week. The staff was also very accommodating and provided good networking opportunities."
Mike Swinton Vice President Human Resources

"I was very fortunate to participate in the HP live case study and become a HP employee for a week. Despite having worked in a variety of industries, I've never worked for a company that size. It was an unprecedented chance to play in the "major leagues" of the business world. I'm very grateful that Notre Dame and HP were able to put this course together. The benefit of working on a live case study with HP is that we could compare our analyses and strategies alongside theirs, allowing us to gauge our current abilities and seeing how far we have yet to go. The Interterm Intensive sessions are aptly named; the experience here was really intense. The big take-away from working with HP was that a company of that size views its competition quite differently. At that level, the lines between competitor and partner become very blurry, requiring a different mode of thinking. Talking to some of HP's top decision makers and seeing the world from their perspective was a pretty eye-opening experience."

David Chow (MBA '06)
Associate Product Marketing Manager, Windows Client

"Interterm Intensives provides an invaluable opportunity for Notre Dame (Mendoza) students to broaden their education outside of the traditional MBA curriculum. By offering students the opportunity to explore real-world issues and timely topics Notre Dame is providing their candidates, and the organizations they join after graduation, a significant competitive advantage."
Christopher Cronin (MBA '04)
Associate Product Director
Vistakon, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc.

"The Interterm Intensive course structure provides highly relevant opportunities to engage in focused development such as case studies and six sigma green belt training. This will allow the students to apply their academic skills in a realistic business environment."
Patrick Finneran (ND '67)
Vice President/General Manager Logistics Support Systems
The Boeing Company

"Once again, the NDMBA program brings students closer to today's complex, global business issues through Interterm Intensives. Acclimating MBA candidates to "real world" challenges through this new curriculum shows the innovation and global reach of the NDMBA program. This type of experience and visibility will separate those who participate not only in the classroom, but during the recruiting process and in the workplace. The worldwide marketplace is constantly changing and the University of Notre Dame MBA program demonstrates, yet again, that not only is it ready for the challenge but leading the charge. Well done and Go Irish!"
William Kehoe (MBA '01)
The Beanstalk Group, New York

"Getting real hands-on experience in Six Sigma will really stand out to a prospective employer while giving you a significant boost early in your career."
Donald M. Casey (ND '82, MBA '83)
Company Group Chairman
Johnson and Johnson Vision Care

"Excellent business communication skills are necessary in any profession, whether you are selling a new idea, a solution or yourself. When interviewing prospective candidates for an open position, I always notice that the person with great communication skills usually stands out above the rest. Mendoza's Introduction to Communications is a great offering for anyone who wants to refine and enhance these necessary skills."
Christina Glorioso (ND '95, MBA '99)
Vice President, Viacom Plus