To prepare for the registration process, review the NOVO Registration Tutorial and the Registration FAQs below. During registration if you receive an error stating that the section is CLOSED, register for the next desired course. Once you've completed the registration process, if you want to be added to the wait list for the closed section, submit a Wait List Request using the link below.



If a desired course is full, please complete the Wait List Request form. You will need the following information: Course Number, Course Title, and CRN (example: FIN 70441-04, Financial Policy, CRN 26478). You will be contacted by GBP Student Services should a seat become available in a course.


Any request for more than 9 credit hours per module or 19 credit hours per semester needs approval. Overload requests may not processed until the week before the course begins. 

Spring 2020 Registration NOVO Instructions 11/12/19




Common Queries Regarding Course Registration

How do I register for courses?

Course registration during the registration period is via NOVO on InsideND. See the NOVO system tutorial above for details.


Where can I find the most up-to-date Schedule of Classes?

The Schedule of Classes is available under “Academics” on the GBP Student Services portal on InsideND.

Note: The most up-to-date version of the schedule is always on the GBP Student Services portal.


What is (are) my official concentration track(s)?

To check or verify your official concentration track(s), access the Concise Student Schedule portal on InsideND.

Note: Concentration track modifications are processed twice yearly after fall and spring breaks. You must complete your selected track(s) before graduation.


How can I see if I have a hold on my student record?

Please check well in advance of registration by accessing NOVO and clicking “Registration Status and Holds.”


What should I do if I have a hold on my student record?

Having a hold on your student record means you will NOT be able to register for courses until the hold is removed. If you have a hold, contact the office that issued the hold (Community Standards, Health Services, or Student Accounts) as soon as possible

before the registration period begins—removing a hold is not always accomplished quickly!


Can I register for more than four courses in a single Module?

Yes! Taking more than 9 credit hours in a single Module is considered an overload. To request an overload, complete the online Course Overload Request form above and do not register for the extra course. Overload requests may not be processed until the

week before each Module begins, and you will be contacted then regarding the status of your request. An overload request is typically approved if you have a cumulative GPA of 3.6 or higher.

Note: Certain courses do not count toward an overload. Contact Student Services for more information.


How can I see if a desired course has open seats?

To see if a course has open seats, access the Class Search or Browse Classes portals on InsideND. The number of available seats is listed as “Open.”


What should I do if all seats in a desired course are full and other sections of the course do not fit my schedule?

In such situations, complete the online Wait List Request form above for the desired course and then register for a back-up course in the meantime. Wait List Requests are accepted only after the start of the registration period.

Note: More than 80% of the wait lists clear; students will be contacted if a seat becomes available to them at any time between registration and the beginning of each Module.